We create cinematic key art for high profile clientele We design unique artwork that makes your content stand out We are specialized in creating quality pitch decks for
your content

We create commercial and enticing artwork

We create artwork for the entire content timeline of a movie, series or entertainment concept. From unique poster creation for cinematic release to pitch decks, social media campaigns and website creation. We facilitate AppleTV, Amazon and Google Play artwork deliveries and are able to incorporate this into the entire scope of a project.

Our passionate creative team is up-to-date with all the latest visual trends and techniques and can take care of your entire artwork needs, both in physical and in digital distribution.

ODMedia is familiar with all the steps and technical specifications needed in releasing content within platforms like Apple, YouTube and many others across the world.

We strongly believe that our skill set makes artwork that entices consumers to rent, buy or watch the content in their own environment. Want to test us out?

Our services

Video On Demand Artwork

Expose your content on the major VOD platforms, the right way

By creating VOD artwork before the major platforms were even popular, we know what works and what doesn’t.

With strict guidelines and specifications for various VOD platforms such as iTunes, Amazon and Google Play, which we are very experienced with, we’re able to present your content properly.

Posters & Advertisements

Have an important release coming up?

A properly designed eye-catching poster design will convey the story your content needs to tell and sets the tone for all other advertisements and marketing purposes. Ideally, a poster design will be made to such standards that it lends itself well for large sized prints as well as all digital purposes.

With decades of experience in both the print and digital domains, we know how to tackle the most demanding advertising jobs. How about a large-scale billboard, or a digital marketing campaign? We can assist you to make sure your artwork gets the exposure it deserves.

Social Media, Websites & AR

Empower your content’s brand presence

It’s the norm for bigger/well-known films and series to have their own websites, so fans can easily gather more information about their favorite content. With in-house knowledge of creating professional websites, we offer both teaser websites (with minimal content, though fully highlighting your content) to full-fledged websites with plenty of options to keep your fans engaged.

From custom headers and headers for the major social platforms, we also offer entire campaigns including multiple advertisement graphics to use for all your posts. We will ensure your designs will match perfectly with your poster design, to create unity across all mediums.

Do you wan to offer an even broader content experience? We can create immersive AR experiences that enable you to connect to your audience in new and memorable ways. You can use AR to reveal a release date, to show a trailer or even to share a mini-game with your audience. There are tons of possibilities which we are eager to discover with you.

Some of our clients

About ODMedia

ODMedia (previously also known as DECK40) provides a one-stop solution which makes sure your content is in the right format, in the right place, at the right time. We connect content owners and platforms to deliver content to viewers on any screen around the world. We take care of all different technical requirements, which allows you to focus on your core activities. We offer services covering the entire video content lifecycle; from the creation of a Digital Cinema Package to the technical delivery to OTT platforms and broadcasters.

Besides our office in Utrecht, The Netherlands, we have an office in Stockholm, Sweden and local representation in Belgium, Germany (Cologne), United Kingdom (London), Spain (Barcelona), Poland (Warsaw) and South Africa (Cape Town) from where we can handle content processing as well.

Our offices

Utrecht, The Netherlands (HQ)
Leuven, Belgium
Barcelona, Spain
Stockholm, Sweden
London, United Kingdom
Cologne, Germany
Johannesburg, South Africa
Warsaw, Poland
Paris, France